Scope of the Conference

The NETNEP series of conferences are designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience of nursing and healthcare workforce education worldwide

Care of the patient is becoming increasingly complex , not only in relation to the outcome of new technologies and medicine, but also to that which is needed for an increasingly ageing population, many with long term health and social care needs. This complexity of care delivery requires practitioners who are able to respond with an equivalent complex skill set, underpinned by an advanced knowledge base as well as the core caring skills that are inherently nursing. NETNEP 2014 encourages the sharing of research and practice of nursing and health care education as it impacts on the learning experience of students and qualified practitioners and the health and social care needs of individuals and communities worldwide.

NETNEP 2014 encourages the sharing of the research and practice of nursing and healthcare education as it exists in the classroom and in clinical practice and promotes networking opportunities for colleagues from around the world. The NETNEP series of conferences has attracted delegates from more than 40 countries worldwide which brings a richness of sharing with, and learning from, each other. This networking and collaboration is promoted throughout the conference. 

There will be a large number of presentations throughout the three day event, including Keynote presentations, oral and poster presentations, Symposia and workshops, giving delegates the opportunity to hear not only the latest research or innovation in education in a myriad of different contexts but also to participate fully in an interactive programme. There will also be an opportunity to attend pre-conference workshops at NETNEP 2014, adding further opportunities to engage in a more structured learning and working experience led by experienced educators from various fields of practice.

The conference experience is for anyone involved in the delivery, development and organisation of nursing and healthcare education, as well as those who actively engage in participating in educational programmes. The conference particularly welcomes contribution from faculty, nursing and midwifery educationalists, academic administrators, senior education managers, practitioners, researchers and students.

The following main themes of the conference have been chosen for presentations to reflect current education research, developments and innovations internationally and as evidenced in both Nurse Education Today (NET) and Nurse Education in Practice (NEP)

  • Teaching, Assessment and Learning in University and Clinical Practice (TALCUP)
  • Technology, simulation and education (TSE)
  • Continuing Professional Development/Education (CPD)
  • Education for Patient Care (EPC)
  • Curriculum Innovation and Research for nursing practice (CIRNP)

The official language of the conference is English.

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